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MidconBirth es un estudio observacional que se realiza en diferentes hospitales y centros de atención al parto. El estudio se realiza en varias fases e irá incorporando centros nacionales e internacionales.

MidconBirth pretende ser un primer paso para explorar los resultados de la atención que proveen las matronas. Y servir así, de base para una futura línea de investigación que explore aspectos económicos, de organización y de salud relacionados con la atención al parto de mujeres sin riesgos por parte de las matronas

ISRCTN17833269 DOI 10.1186/ISRCTN17833269

MidconBirth Study is part of the COST Action IS1405 - Building Intrapartum Research Through Health - an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH). The MCB study currently involves 45 public hospitals from different regions of Spain and also one from Ireland and contributes to the COST Action through analysis of normal births attended by midwives in public hospitals with different organisational cultures through a multilevel data analysis.

The COST Action has directly contributed to changes in the birth culture in Spain.As a direct impact from the Action, a recommendation has been included in the Catalan Health Plan to review the normal birth model of care. One birth center has been recently opened, and some more are planned to be opened in the region soon. Changes in the region are being adapted and replicated in other regions of Spain. Also, a wide network of researchers involved in the MCB Study has been created and new projects are already emerging from this collaboration. A new collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences. URLL-Blanquerna has been stablished to promote a new research line in Maternity care and health services

Background and study aims
Recent research suggests that there is some variability in the care that is given to women and their babies during labour and immediately after birth (intrapartum care). Intrapartum care can include recommendations on where the baby should be delivered, pain relief during labour, care given in the first, second and third stages of labour and care of mother and baby after the birth. Variability in intrapartum care raises concerns about how this may impact on the health of some mothers and newborn babies. This study is looking at how many normal births are attended by midwives in public health settings (for example, hospitals) and at home and recording what happens during the birth and shortly afterwards.